Grown men & women captured crossing road whiles Pedestrian Traffic is Red


Everybody is a pedestrian: no matter who, where and when. Consequently, issues that concern safety of pedestrians should be a matter that concerns everybody.

It is worthy to note that pedestrians are legitimate road users, and as such it is appropriate and prudent to provide safe and convenient pedestrian crossings and traffic lights to facilitate their mobility on the road.

Crossing the road safely is the right of every pedestrian so it is crucial to observe the rules that guide facilitating the rights of the pedestrian.

Since the issue of pedestrians’ safety on the roads border on human life, the sixth target of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3 aims at halving the number of global deaths and injuries from traffic accidents.

Well, as fulfilment of the above goal, pedestrians’ traffic light works hand in hand with the traffic meant for cars.

Normally, when the traffic turns red for cars, it turns green for pedestrians and vice-versa.

But in a viral photo on social media, some grown-ups who are expected to be responsible were seen crossing a major road although the pedestrian traffic light is red — indicating that they shouldn’t cross as at when they’re crossing.

When an accident (God forbid it anyway) should happen, who should be blamed?

See photos below:

pedestrian crossing road pedestrian crossing road pedestrian crossing road


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