Knowing very well your partner is cheating on you is one of the confusing moment a man can face in his entire life and it’s even more heartbreaking when she is everything you have.

It’s no problem when the man is the financier in a relationship but there’s always trouble if it’s the other way round. This is what a gentleman (Identity hidden) has been going through in a two years relationship with his partner.

According to the gentleman who is seeking advice from the public, his girlfriend once cheated on him and with fears to let go of his love one, he forgave her.Not so long after that he caught her in another act of cheating again which is an indication that he has to move on because it’s her habit and isn’t a good signal of marriage material. But there’s a problem.

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The said girlfriend is his financier, she rented an apartment for the guy and secured a job for him. The guy believes should he walk away from the relationship, that could well mean he has to start parking from his apartment and go out in search of another job as well.

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Unknown guy is seeking for advice

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