A Nigerian man who brand himself as the Duke of Ibadan has written a love letter to billionaire daughter Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola AKA DJ Cuppy.

While others are chopping love today Valentine day, the gentleman is instead using it to shoot his shot in a hilarious letter to the Nigerian born UK based DJ.

In his latter, Duke insisted that he isn’t crushing on Cuppy because his father is rich as many people may perceive. He made the whole proposal look comic when he tried explaining to his crush it wouldn’t be bad if she can willingly give her 300,000 a week as an allowance for being her man.

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“Dear Cuppy, many people think l am crushing on you because your daddy is a billionaire but they remain obvious to the fact that l do not like you because of money even though e no go bad if you dey wire me 300k weekly as boyfriend allowance. Part of the letter read.

Read the full letter below.

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Guy pens love letter to DJ Cuppy, tells her to give him 300k boyfriend allowance.

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