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Guy run away from his girlfriend at Papaye leaving the bills on her to pay on her Bday


A young lady who was embarrassed by her boyfriend at Papaye fast food on her birthday has shared her sad story.

According to her, the guy ran away from her after ordering the foods because he was not having the cash to pay the bills.

Read her message to us below;

“Hello celebritiesBuzz…. good morning, I want to tell you something that happened to me at Papaye fast food yesterday on my bday.

Am so hurt right now. It was my birthday and me and my boyfriend decided to go eat at Papaye…. actually he promised to take me there and I was really happy.

Upon reaching the place, we ordered for 2 fried rice and fried chicken which cost 24 cedies each and I can see he wasn’t all that happy and I don’t mind asking him what’s wrong with him because he promised me.

I told him I wanted 1 bottle of water and a drink but he refused without giving any excuses but I told the waitress to add it to my food and she brought it…. we started eating and he seemed to be ok until a call came in. He told me he was going to make a call outside and come and I was ok with that.

To my surprise, my boyfriend did not return back upon waiting for him for 30 minute. I called him and he was like am coming.

After an hour I decided to go out and see if he was there making call not knowing he run away from me because according to him, he can’t afford the bills and he doesn’t want to disgrace himself there.

My boyfriend disgraced me by leaving all the bills on me to pay. He didn’t eat even half of his food. I was so embarrassed and feel so sad.

I don’t know what to do because I really love him before he do me like that.

Now the lady brought the Bill and I told her that my money won’t reach the bills and she wanted to call the security on me but luckily for me a madam sitting close to me rescued me by paying for me. So is the right? How can some boys be so wicked.”

She also shared a receipt of the bills the guy was supposed to pay.

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