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Guys if she can’t feed you well, dump her or better still cheat on her – Lady

good cook

A lady is calling on guys to dump or better still cheat on their ladies if she cannot good meals to feed him with.

According to her, men do fight a lot become they make money and bring food home.

So they [men] deserve to be fed better. Hence, any lady who can’t cook good meals must be dumped or cheated on.

The lady who shared a photo of the meal she cooked for her wrote:

“I pounded new yam for him as lunch and he said ” only a mum can do this. You are my mum” #Guys,if she can’t feed you well pls dump her or better still cheat. you deserve to eat well as you fight so many battles trying to bring food to the table. And ladies,we can do better!!”

Do you agree with her?

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