Home Social Media Trends Guys writes on his door mat ‘Did you call first?’

Guys writes on his door mat ‘Did you call first?’

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A photo has gone viral on social media which sees a guy writing on his door mat that ‘Did you call first?’

The question alone should tell you an uninvited visitor to better go back.

See photo below:

The question now is, Is it impolite to not inform someone before you’re visiting them?

Below are answers given by two people as found on Quora:

Ananth Kumar:

“Yes, it is very impolite to visit someone’s some house without informing them previously. Because, either we don’t know what they plans for that day or they are hosting to some other one. For Best friends it’s completely okay…. because they (BFF) won’t take anything serious about their best ones.”

Carla Murphy:

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If you felt like just popping in and catching up on y’alls girl talk or inviting yourself over to watch part of a sporting event, then I think that would be ok, but always ask the person upon arrival if they have other plans.

BUT, if you arrive, unannounced and planned to stay a few days/weeks with the unaware person, I think we might just see a new question posted here on Quorum from the imposed upon friend. It would probably say: Is it rude to have an unexpected and unannounced house guest sleep in the same bed as the dog?


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