Gyakie savagely replies to Ghanaians

savagely replied to some Ghanaians saying her ‘Forever’ remix with Nigerian star is ‘wack’.

Gyakie seem angered at the fact that some section of Ghanaians are throwing bad energy at her. She savagely replied to them.

Days ago, Gyakie flew to to promote her brand and also remix her hit single ‘Forever’ with Omah Lay.

Exactly on Mar 19, 2021, she published the remix of the song and it bagged over 80k streams on the audio on YouTube till date.


However, some Ghanaians believed the remix wasn’t necessary saying the original sounds better than its remix.

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In response, Gyakie savagely said her kind of music is not for just everyone. According to her, those that will connect to it are the ones she made the song for.

Her tweet read:

” It’s not for everyone. Those who connect to it are the ones I made this for”

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Her tweet foiled some reactions as captured on the screenshot beneath:

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WhatsApp%2BImage%2B2021 03 20%2Bat%2B11.31.39%2BAM%2B%25281%2529

WhatsApp%2BImage%2B2021 03 20%2Bat%2B11.31.40%2BAM

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