ras kuuku achimota school

Amidst the Achimota SHS saga where a brilliant student was denied admission due to his rasta hairstyle, has sent a piece of message to the Education Service.

In a Facebook post, the ‘Puom’ CEO stated that the GES must know hairstyle does not define who is empty-headed or brilliant.

The dancehall musician stated that it’s irrational to deny someone his right to education due to his dreadlocks.


In his words, Ras Kuuku wrote: “Ghana Education Service listen the hair does not define who is Empty headed and who is Brilliant.

It’s a way of Life so you can’t decide for us on how to grow our hair.

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It’s irrational,abnormal and it’s against humanity to sack a student because of his Locks.

You all enjoy music from Musicians who have locks too. Aaaaaba.”

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