A few moments ago, we pressed here on rumours making waves that Hajia4Real and her former bestie, Nadia have done an ‘exchange of Exes’.

With Hajia dating Mina’s ex-boyfriend called Birdman whiles Mina also took tends to date Hajia4Real’s baby daddy.

All these revelations were made by Instagram bloggers Thosecalledcelebs and Cutie Julls.

Well, in a sharp response, Hajia4Real’s current Boyfriend, Birdman has come out to deny any knowledge of Mina.

He said he has not in anyway have any affair with Mina before and that to clear doubts further, he went ahead to mention the name of Mina’s ex-boyfriend to be Bonny and not him.

Birdman Bebe also noted that Mina used to be Hajia4Real’s small girl so there’s no way he’ll go near dating her. He warned all those spreading the rumors to stop using him and Hajia4Real for clout and get their facts right.

His comment reads:

“I can never be Nadia ex boyfriend, lol you’ll should stop using I and Mona name for clout. Please get your facts right. She’s not my ex. Lol. That’s Mona small girl her ex called Bonny Dre not Birdman. Check your Dm”

Below is a photo of Bonny and Mina.

Bonny and Mina