“Hand no fit count again ooo” – Shatta Wale buys money counting machine

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Shatta Wale has posted a video on his Snapchat account saying that he has bought a money counting machine.

Because, the money is too much and his hand is tired of counting.

One can see the dancehall musician and his cousin, Blade showing of the newly bought Money counter.

Blade could be heard asking, “Which Ghanaian artiste uses money counting machine in his house?”.

Watch the video below:

For sometime now, Shatta has been bragging that he’s the richest artiste in Ghana and that the rest cannot come close.

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He hammered this again in his latest interview with Naa Ashorkor on Joy FM’s “ShowbizAtoZ” show.

According to the “Ayoo” hitmaker, no musician is anywhere close to him when it comes to wealth made from music.

I am not rich but I am the richest artiste in Ghana. Don’t let anyone lie to you. I made all my money from music…”

Asked if he could approximate how much he is worth, Shatta simply said “It’s a godly number. My fans know how rich I am. If I am a soldier they know the ammunition I have. That’s why when I release a song they wanna learn it.

Shatta added that some boys from his camp are richer than most musicians.

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Some of my boys are even richer than some artistes in Ghana…” he boasted.

We reported earlier today that Shatta Wale has met comic actor, Mr Ibu in Nigeria.

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