Handsome man gets mocked after he said he’s 28-year-old & single

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A 28-year-old young man by name Mpho Singo who’s probably tired of being single took to a Facebook group “Single and Mingle PerfectMatch” to find the love of his life.

Posting his picture, he wrote: “HI I’m prince mudau I’m from Johannesburg I’m 28 year old I’m single”

He was obviously looking forward to meeting the love of his life in the group, but he was rather met with demeaning comments. A lot of folks in the group mocked him saying it’s because of his looks that he’s not getting a lady.

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The comments are so bad that we’ve decided not to publish them here — no human deserves that manner of humiliation.

Some sensible people who didn’t agree with those mocking the young man commented that ‘love isn’t always about looks’.

Maara wrote: “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this guy infact if you really want true love then you wouldn’t be saying such nasty comments no wonder why you’ll never find stable loving partners ,your judging people by their appearance you 😏🚮

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Luvos added: “I am disappointed in these niggas who are making fun ngalo mjita and what’s worse aba bantu who are making fun of him they are above 30 yet Baku Facebook looking for love ngapha bana bantwana and jobless or earning peanuts. It’s true when they say empty cans make lot of noise.”


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