Have You Heard ‘Come On Hit It One Time’ Song On TikTok? Lyrics And Challenge Explained Here!

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Come on hit it one time TikTok craze appears to be the next big thing. Many TikTokers have created content using the tune, and it is completely dominating the platform.

TikTokers never ceases to amaze us with excellent content that no one can get enough of. And, without a doubt, the credit for the awesome content should go to the users.

All of the trends get created by TikTokers, and the community’s support for the craze is enormous. Right now, a new fad called Come On Hit It One Time is taking TikTokers, especially girls, by storm.

Have You Heard ‘Come On Hit It One Time’ Song On TikTok?

The actual name of the song ‘ Come On Hit It One Time’ is Cmonnn. The artists of the music are 5Star and Lay Bankz.

If you haven’t heard anything about this trend click here and see it for yourself. As of now, over 80k videos have been made using the song.

The videos generated in this trend are just girls performing sensuous dancing moves. It is, however, also utilized to create entertaining content.

Come On Hit It One Time TikTok Lyrics And Challenge Explained

The lyrics of the TikTok famous song Come On Hit It One Time is currently unavailable online.

However, you can go to the song’s YouTube link available here and turn on the caption to hear what they are saying.

Speaking of the challenge, It is unknown who set the trend, but it is evident that the person who started it was creative.

Most of the videos made using the song include people wearing face masks and moving their hips to the tune of the music.

Come On Hit It One Time TikTok Trend Compilation & meaning

We have compiled a selection of some Come On Hit It One Time TikTok trend compilations for your convenience.

Talking about the meaning of the trend, it is nothing but gratitude to some dance moves. The song’s lyrics also speak about the gratefulness of people’s bodies and how they should embrace their bodies.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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