Testimonies from ladies who bought sexual enhancement and ‘juju’ to make men ‘mumu’ medicines from Mama Gee have been sighted by Celebrities Buzz.

Mama Gee sells products such as “Marry Me”, “Drip Me”, “Oga Lie Low”, “Cash Out”, Favour Oil among others.

mama gee arrested

And all these products are believed to make the va”gina of the ladies who use it very sweet or it’ll make a man ‘kowtow’ to the demands of the lady without asking any questions.

In chats shared on Mama Gee’s Instagram wall, one can see women thanking her for giving them products that worked just as they wanted.

One testimony read that a man gave a whooping sum of GHC17,000 to a woman to complete her Masters Degree program after using the “Oga Lie Low”.

Another one also wrote that the “Favour Oil” made a guy to buy her Iphone X, Iphone XR and a Samsung Galaxy phone.

One testimony also recounted how a certain born 2 lady got her boyfriend of several years to finally propose marriage to her after using the “Favour Oil”.

The worst part of it all is that, most of these women are using these to snatch people’s husband. And their aim is to “Cash Out” money from rich men.

Hmmm. Take a look at some of their testimonies below:

mama gee testimonies

Well, it’s good the FDA in collaboration with CID department of Ghana Police have arrested Mama Gee.

And her shop was closed down.

You can watch the video where a lot of ladies were seen in her shop buying the medicine. This was what caused the authorities to take action.