Heavily drunk policeman with a loaded AK 47 riffle in a trotro (video)

A one-minute thirty-second seconds video of a heavily drunk policeman with an AK 47 rifle on Madina bound trotro bus is fast going viral on social media.

The policeman joined the troski around ridge enroute to Madina which saw other passengers making fun of the situation.

An eyewitness on the troski said “I was damn horrified I had to alight and pick another troski”.

From the video, it is gathered that the cop with the loaded weapon had just closed from work and was on his way home but drunk himself to stupor that he could hardly stand or speak properly while wielding a police helmet as well.

All one could hear him say was “I am in my room, I have no problem with anyone. If you call me I will not mind you. I am free”

The incident according to sources happened on Tuesday June 26, 2018 and from the video he was unable to stand properly.

The drunk cop though has been identified facially, was not wearing a name tag making it difficult to determine which of the units he belongs to and what may have provoked him to turn himself into a moving brewery.

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