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Help me find my wife, she has bolted with my child and belongings – Ayittey Powers cries

Ayittey Powers

Boxer turned comedian and now a musician, Ayittey Powers has appealed to the public to help him locate his wife and child.

The boxer has shared that upon his return trip in December last year, he is unable to locate the whereabouts of his wife and child. He added that he had frantically tried to reach out to them but all his efforts have proven futile.

He, however, admitted that some time past, his wife has said that she was fed up with the marriage and wanted to quit because according to her wife, her decision was a direction from God. Therefore, he added that he had tried to seek help from the family of her wife but it has been a wild goose chase.

Ayittey Powers

He narrated his ordeal sorrowfully:

“I came back that day just within the Christmas period of 2019 and to my surprise, there was nothing in my room and there was no sign of my wife and son too,” he lamented.

“I became very disturbed and started calling her phone but it was off and it’s been off until today.”I have been in touch with both parents who claim they haven’t seen her but I honestly don’t believe them because I know they know where she is,” he lamented.

“My son is my priority and he’s the one I want back so I’m appealing to her to bring him back to me.”She told me her pastor had told her I’m not the right husband for her and advised her to leave the marriage which remains a mystery to me.” he cried.

“And I feel hurt and sad anytime it crosses my mind and I say this because this same woman had gone to Nigeria with me to meet my spiritual father Prophet TB Joshua who promised to give her money to travel to Dubai and China so she can expand her business,” he concluded.

He added that his last resort is to seek the assistance of the police to locate his wife and to retrieve his belongings and child.h

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