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How a beautiful lady's virginity saved her from ritualists after she went missing

On Tuesday 6th April 2021, a young lady went missing.

Her name was identified as Abigail.

It was said that she went jogging in the morning and never returned.


Her photos were circulated on social media so that anyone with information on her can contact some dedicated numbers to help find her.

Well, there’s a good news — and that’s Abigail has been found.

However, there’s a lot more to her re-appearance.

According to a sister of the victim, her being a virgin was what saved her from being used by ritualists as she was actually kidnapped for ritual purposes.

Per a Facebook Messenger chat from one of her sisters, Abigail’s unconscious body was found at Ashongman Estate.

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The lady narrated that Abigail was kidnapped for ritual purposes but when she was sent to the shrine, the spiritualist rejected her because she’s a virgin while they needed a pregnant woman for the sacrifice.

She was kidnapped by some people who asked for directions in a private car, they covered her nose and mouth and she went off…. she woke up at a strange place and heard them saying “she’s a Virgin, we want pregnant women”.

So at dawn today they came to leave her at Ashongman….she looked messy. This is the work of God 000, the blood of Jesus Christ saved her”, her message read.

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