Leila Djansi

Ghanaian movie producer, has said that it’s imperative for married couples to have joint bank accounts.

According to her, husbands must give their bank accounts to their wives so that in case of death, they can be able to have access to the accounts and use monies therein to give the man a befitting burial.

She wrote: “If you have a stay home wife, it’s vital she has all access to your bank accounts! What if you die? You want your children to starve? Your son to starve? How she goin give you a befitting burial? Married couples, y’all need joint accounts. Access each others finances. I’m under the blanket in LA cos it’s freezing! Come and find me.

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This argument of whether it is good for a wife to have details of her husband’s bank account started after Ras Mubarak’s exposé about his ex-wife, Rasheeda Adams.

The former Member of Parliament alleged that his ex-wife once asked him to give her his bank account details so that in case he passes away, the money would be in safe hands.

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