A lady is asking that how can butt enlargement oil know the difference between one’s palm and one’s ass?

A lady seem confused at how butt enlargement oil seem to know the difference between palm and backside.

Judging from how normal the sales of butt enlargement oil have become across social media, the lady quizzed: “How does butt enlargement oil know the difference between your palm and your ass?”

She got a few responses from some social media users. Some educated her on why most butt enlargement oils works on the ass and leaves the palm where it is rubbed before applying on the butt.

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Read some educative response below:

  • The oil is meant to work on the hormone responsible for puberty growth(ass and boobs)there is no hormone responsible for the growth of the palm, so there is no way it will work on the palm the same way coconut oil doesnt yield hair growth in the body but it does on the hair
  • Hormones are control from the brain. Is the brain on booty surface or u rub the oil on ur head and it goes dowm to the booty?
  • Will have to do with chemicals and chemical receptors in the body. the oil (chemical) binds with its specific receptors when absorbed.
  • Go and study Pharmacology,It will answer your question. Same way you use paracetamol for head ache and it will work straight for it and you also use the paracetamol for other pains and it does

See the screenshot below:

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