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How much is it to rent a plumbing snake?

If you go this route, your handheld drain snake rental will cost around $130 a week or up to $275 a month. Machine augers, on the other hand, run from $50 to $85 per day to rent. With the weekly rate, you can expect to pay up to $250, while the monthly rate will only run you about $500.Click to see full answer. Besides, can you rent a plumbing snake?Most drain snakes can be rented by the hour or by the day or half-day at a tool and equipment rental location and at some home improvement stores. A sewer snake rental machine can be used to clear a sewer mainline as long as you get the right machine and you know how to use it.Furthermore, can you rent a drain snake from Home Depot? So when you’re faced with an awful smell coming out of your garbage disposal due to food stuck in the drain or a flooded basement due to a faulty sump pump, remember that The Home Depot offers rentals of everything from submersible pumps to mini sewer snake drain cleaners so you can quickly and safely remove blockages Furthermore, how much does it cost to rent a plumbing snake at Home Depot? This tool requires a $100.00—- deposit. Drain Cleaner 75′ X 1/2″ $51.00 4-Hour (Minimum) $292.00 Per Week $73.00 Per Day $876.00 4 Weeks How much does a drain snake cost? Cost to snake a drain While price varies depending on the market and the severity of the clog, Young from Legacy Plumbing says the average cost to clear a tub, kitchen or bathroom drain runs $109 to $214.


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