How to deactivate Outgoing Caller ID.

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There is a short code trending on social media (*31#). This short code is meant to activate your outgoing caller ID.

Many are victims of the result of this short code are unable to make calls. The code is meant to deactivate all outgoing calls.

This means that you will not be able to make any calls after dialing the code *31#. Many people end up not knowing how to deactivate the service after activating it.

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Some people also end up tricking their friends to activate the service and they end up not being able to make any calls.

To deactivate this service, simply dial the code #31#. To deactivate an service you have activated on your mobile phones, you are to use #code# to deactivate it.

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For example to activate your outgoing caller ID, you use *31# but to deactivate it, you use #31#.



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