‘I ain’t scared of Corona, Christians never die’ – Man declares

A man has boldly declared that he isn’t scared on Coronavirus mainly because Christians never die.

Emmanuel Matos in a reaction beneath Cardi B’s video that had her mocking president Donald Trump for refusing to shake one of his government top officials wrote:

“I ain’t scared of Corona, Christians never die.”

Emmanuel Matos
'I ain’t scared of Corona, Christians never die' - Man declares

His faith attracted a lot of folks to bash at him citing that Coronavirus is a no respector of Religion.

Read a few below:

‘@emmanuel that’s a dumb statement, the second part of the sentence.’

‘@emmanuel so you when mr dead come for you tell him say christian can neva dead you hear’

‘@emmanuel Actually lot of Christians has died, Christians are not immortal, like any other group of people of different faiths, of course God will protect us, but you wrote this very badly :)’

‘@emmanuel This post is literally for clout. Yes Christians do die everyday. There are accidents and natural causes that lead to death of all people even Christians. Stop spreading information about Christianity. You are a joke. Clout chaser’

‘@emmanuel haha I don’t know why I find this funny.’

See The Screenshot Below:

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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