kennedy agyapong biggest cold store in Africa
I am building the biggest Cold Store in Africa - Kennedy Agyapong

has revealed that he’s building the biggest cold store in Africa, not in .

He said that it’s a cold store that can house 31,000 tons of fresh meat and fish.

‘We are doing things but we don’t brag, we want it to get done before we come out to tell the world. I want to make a difference in society. That’s why when people come to me that I should be a president, I tell them you don’t have to be president to effect change in the society”, he said.


The Ken City CEO produced receipts to prove his words saying the only other cold store big and close to his is one located in Angola which is about 30,000 tons.

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So there you have it, Ken Agyapong has the biggest cold store in Africa.

Watch the video below:

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