A beautiful Ghanaian lady identified as Akua Afriyie has only 40 days to live on earth after her Nigerian boyfriend used her for money rituals.

Speaking in an interview with SVTV, Akua recounting the sad story of her life said she comes from a poor family where from whence she was a teenager, she had no choice than to depend on men for her upkeep.

She said she has dated countless men, not for sex but provided they can take good care of her and her family.

According to her, things didn’t go well for her after meeting her Nigerian boo. Akua said a strange fluid and sometimes bloody discharge comes out of her punani anytime they have intercourse.

This made her worried so she decided to do a little bit of investigation on why that happens with this particular guy. It was then that she discovered that she has been used for money rituals.

Watch video of the emotional interview below: