‘I am the true originator of Azonto and I sing and rap better than all artistes in Ghana’ – Gasmilla makes bold claims

Gasmilla aka James Town fisherman has made some bold claims as far as the Azonto genre is concerned.

Sarkodie is on a mission to bring back the Azonto genre and has begun a virtual campaign in that regard.

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Meanwhile, Gasmilla does not why Sarkodie will decide to revive or bring back a genre that he did not create or invent.

According to Gasmilla, Sarkodie is trying to use his new agenda to capitalize on his brand to claim the Azonto genre because for him Azonto is not dead.

He claimed that he has always been promoting the Azonto genre since 2011 and he has solely popularized the genre across the length and breadth of the globe.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on the Atuu on UTV, Gasmilla said Sarkodie is trying to play smart in to make gains from the young acts.

He emotionally boasted that he sings and raps better than all the artistes in Ghana and that is why he is in a better position to promote the Azonto genre.

‘I sing and rap better than they do and I have been promoting the Azonto genre since 2011, Sarkodie is always trying to play smart and to maker gains from the young ones. Sarkodie must go and render appreciation to Nshona for his role in the Azonto genre,’ he said

Gasmilla is famous for his two hits songs ‘Three Points’ and ‘Telemo’ which were on the Azonto vibe.

Watch His Reaction Below:

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