Another Ghanaian prostitute has revealed how much she charges to be ‘Chopped’ by men in an interview on Angel TV.

Another Ghanaian prostitute has come out to disclose that she charges $5000 and above after one came out earlier to say she takes Ghc3000 for two hours.

This new ‘Ashawo’ said charging less than $5000 to have sex with a man is very demeaning to her brand and that she’s got mad love for what she does (prostitution).

She also said a lot of guys take to her DM to gift her huge sums of money for free so any man who would cross the ‘boarder-line’ in-between her thighs should be prepared to pay the said amount of cash.

The interview was shot by Angel TV.

It seems Ghanaian prostitutes are now very brave and seem to be coming out to advertise quite recently.

Watch The Video Below: