Awal has fired some shots at social media hyper – Archipalago during an Instagram Live video session with Celebrities Buzz a couple of days ago.

Awal Mohammed who is known to be one of the hardest rappers for some time now-fired shots at his former rival – Archipalago.

Casting our minds back, Awal had a slight issue with Archipalago after the latter came in search of one in his camp.

According to Awal during that time, Archipalago is in the USA carrying toilet for a living and he (Awal) considers it shameful for someone of his calibre to do such a shameless work for a living.

Awal explained that, in as much as the USA is the USA, he will prefer to stay in his deprived community in Ghana than to move to the USA and carry toilet of other human beings.

Awal delivered all those bars in a diss track to Palago;

During our live interview with him, one of our viewers asked the reason behind his past fight with Archipalago. He responded by saying he was at his circles when Archi shared a video of his attacking him.

In his own words, Awal said:

“Archipalago is not my friend. I’m not supposed to talk about this…I went for an interview and Archipalago shared part of my video on his social media handle attacking me and I had to come after him because it’s showbiz.

I will never do a song with him because I don’t see him as a musician, he is just forcing himself into a space that he isn’t invited into.”

He also made some interesting revelations.

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