I don’t smoke weed & I am not dating Kwabena Kwabena – Ahuofe Patri


For some years now, there have been countless reports that actress Ahuofe Patri of Boys Kasa fame is a chronic weed addict. This accusations popped up in 2017.

Responding to the rumours the actress wrote on her Instagram page “feel free to judge away” without confirming or denying the reports.

Well, confirming again in 2019, Ahuofe Patri has denied having anything to do with the illegal hemp.

kwabena kwabena and ahuofe patri

Somewhere last year, her friend and co-actor, Kalybos also came to her rescue explaining in an interview the online reports going about had no truth to them, “they’re fake news.”

As if that isn’t enough, Social media in 2018 was sent into a frenzy when news surfaced again of Priscilla Opoku Agyemang dating and doing drugs with singer Kwabena Kwabena.

Well, she has finally responded to this in a recent interview on Joy FM with Lexis Bill.

“I know him and I like his music but I would not even call us friends,” Ahuofe Patri said of the ‘Adult Music’ singer.

The ‘Boys Kasa’ actress said she gets sad and worries about her family’s reaction when such rumours make the headlines.

“I have realised that you cannot change people’s perspective of you. It has been six years going on to seven now, I have grown, I am a strong girl and do not focus on such news,” she stated.

The actress has channelled her energy to making more movies and working on her non-governmental organisation, ‘She Power’, a movement created to educate girls on abuse of all kinds.


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