Funny Face has said his allegiance to footballer Emmanuel Adebayor and his respect for him will not be exchanged for anything as he is not prepared to face the consequences.

In a recorded video he shared on his Instagram timeline, Funny Face said he is ready to go by the orders of Adebayor in an effort to protect himself from losing all the cars he acquired from him.

Funny Face

According to Funny Face, he is not ready to have his cars taken away from him just like how Shatta Wale went back for his car from Joint 77 after their separation.

“I am ready to listen to Adebayor because I am not ready to have him come for his cars just like how Shatta Wale went for his car from Joint 77,” he said.

Funny Face has been on an endless run on social media with his continuous sharing of videos and photos of himself with no apparent reason or motive.

Emmanuel Adebayor

Following that, Emmanuel Adebayor has ordered Funny Face to be of good behaviour and shun from displaying his emotional tendencies on social media.

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