‘I have forgiven my parents for throwing me away when I was born’ – Don Little

Stephen Atanga aka Don Little has done the honorable thing by forgiving his parents who once dumped him in town because of his short and funny physique.

In an interview on Angel TV, the comic actor shared the sad story of how his parents looked down on him though he was their only son and last child out of their six children.

He revealed that he was never accepted as part of the ‘Atanga‘ family to his stature as  against his normal six sisters.

He was dumped and left to his fate to survive by his mother and father, one which got him brokenhearted.

He was quick to play the gentlemen game by disclosing that he forgeve them and his six sisters who also ditched him after they made moves to contact him upon realizing that he was a bit popular by the help of Funny Face.

According to Little, he always get in touch with them to prove that blood is indeed thicker than water.

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Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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