has issued a strong warning to anyone interested in picking a fight with him.

Beef! Beef!! beef!!! that’s all the industry has turned into recently and Pope Skinny also details his readiness to dirty anyone who have a go at him.

It’s not clear if he has issues with of his colleague musicians but according to him, he is a wild Lion in the form of a humble goat and has never been defeated in any form of altercation in his entire life hence the need to fear him.

“The Truth Be Say I Have Never Ever Lost Any Beef In My Entire Life. You Dare Me I Dare You. I’m A Lion In A Goat Skin, Fear Me. Wild But Humble. When You Don’t Have Skeletons In Your Closet You Dnt Fear Dare!!”


Lot’s of people also believes his comments were a response to Late Ebony’s father who threatened to take him on after the the Pope publicly alleges his daughter died as a result of lesbianism.

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I have never lost any beef in my entire life so don’t dare me - Pope Skinny warns

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