“I just wish I never collaborated on the ‘Skopatumana’ song with Kawoula” – Patapaa says

Patapaa Amisty has voiced out his displeasure on the recent granted by Kawoula Biov, the artiste who made Patapaa go viral due to the controversial verse on his ‘Daavi Ne Ba‘ song.

According to Superstar Patapaa, he regrets ever collaborating on the song.

He disclosed that he did his verse for free for Kawoula and as a result do not understand why he will be mad at him for receiving all the praise.

I am disappointed at the remarks by Kawoula that I have surpassed him on his song. In fact, when I heard the news, the first thing that came to mind was, I shouldn’t have featured on his song,” Patapaa said in an with Showbiz.

“First of all, it is not my fault that acknowledge and enjoy my verse on the song. I shouldn’t be blamed for the little attention he is receiving with regard to the song.

Also, he was the one that called and asked me to on the song and I never took any money from him so I don’t know why he will say something like that….I just wish I never collaborated on Daavi Ne Ba with him.” Patapaa added.

It is very funny for him to say that since we all know he was about dying out before ‘Daavi Ne Ba‘ did the magic for him.


Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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