“I laughed when God called me to be President” – Kanye West

American singer and politician Kanye West have shed light on his political ambition to become the US President after his revelation from God.

The singer, whose net worth is over 5 billion dollars, stated that it all began in the shower and before it became a reality, friends and family sunk the ambition with a thousand reasons why he is not for such a position.

Kanye West revealed this during an with Rogan’s podcast on evening.

He stated:

“It hit me in the shower and when I first started to think of it, I just started laughing at myself and joy came over my body.

“I had different friends, some in the music industry, tech elites. They just really took it as a joke. They’re telling me all these millions of reasons why I couldn’t.

“I remember running into Oprah one or two days after that (the award), she said, ‘You don’t want to be president’ (laughs).”


Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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