Ghanaian actor, comedian and Children’s president, has recounted how his previous wife gave him a nationwide disgrace causing him to nearly commit suicide.

Whiles putting his twins, Ella and Bella to sleep amidst a highly spiritual gospel song, disclosed that the same place he stands at the moment was where he picked up a gun to shoot himself few months.


But for the grace of God, things turned around for his good.

He there advised all never to give up in life since after the storm comes the sun shine.

He captioned the adorable vide with;

“This is one of my TESTIMONIES .. my sister , my brother … I don’t know what you are going through at dis moment of ur life .. but I came to tell u not to give up on life .. da boy u see in dis video with his twin girls #ELLAandBELLA👯 … was lied on and he became a national mockery .. the very thing they will use to disgrace u … will be da same thing GOD will use to elevate you to HIS GLORY …. this very hall I stand is dis same very hall I took a gun to commit suicide because the disgrace and mockery was too much … now is dis same I stand to tell u not to give up in life .. all dat you are going through will be a thing of da past soon and you will laugh abt it someday .. it is well .. GOD gotch you .. blessed be da womb dat carried this blessing .. GOD BLESS YOU #ATTAAAAMAAME 🙏❤️ .. my #ELLAandBELLA👯 the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT.”

Watch Video Below:

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