Young Ghanaian businessman Ibrah One has figured out some amazing worth analyzing.

The rich folk has the view that Boko Haram and those wicked Militants are fully funded by some wicked Politicians for their selfish gains a reason they have been silence during the coronavirus saga.

Ibrah One threatens to expose some fake Lawyers & fraud boys
Ibrah One

Ibrah One labeled most African leaders as evil citing that they kill the innocents mainly for their devilish sacrifices.

“I never knew Boko Haram and those unknown men who always kill Niger Military men can also go on lockdown. The question is how did these 2 presidents locate them and locked them down? Coz for several years, they have been killing the innocent citizens,” – Ibrah One said and continued as captured on the screenshot beneath;

'I never knew Boko Haram & those militant who kill innocent people go on a lock down' - Ibrah One