I sacked my manager because he took all the money I was making – Mr Eventuarry reveals


Mr Eventuarry has for the first time opened up on why he sacked his manager, Theophilus Arthur from working with him.

News went viral some few days ago on the two parting ways right after their trip from Nigeria where Mr Eventuarry went to play his first ever show.—(Watch Full Video Below).

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The pair’s fallout was so big that Theophilus Arthur changed details to Mr Eventuarry’s Instagram account.

Eventuarry’s former manager, whiles commenting on the whole fiasco said;

“I am not comfortable with some of the things he’s been doing. He doesn’t see my value as a Manager; from all indications, I knew this would come but there were a lot of people who told me to be patient so I held on.”

He added; “When we went to Nigeria, there was a lot of misunderstanding and when we came to Ghana he started acting up so I had to part ways with him”

“He shouldn’t even mention my name anywhere whether good or bad. If he mentions my name anywhere I can take him to court so he shouldn’t even try.

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Mr Eventuarry has however opened a rebuttal against Theophilus.

He explained that he had no agreement or whatsoever with his so called former manager.

I sacked my manager because he took all the money I was making – Mr Eventuarry reveals

Explaining further, Mr Eventuarry said Mr Theophilus was only his social media hypist who just forced himself to become a manager.

He accused Theophilus Arthur of ‘chopping’ all money they realise from shows without giving him a dime.

Speaking in video he said: “The plan was to make money so we can share it, like take your part and let me take my part, but I never heard that. Everyday the money will be vanishing for me. The way I was trending, people thought I had money but I had nothing because he took all the money for vanishing”

“The only reason why I sacked him was because after we returned from Nigeria, he started complaining to my Reverend that I disrespected him. I know I didn’t disrespect him because I respect people no matter their age” he added.


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