Bulldog says he told Shatta Wale to sack his SM Militants when he came back to manage them.

Shatta Wale’s manager – Bulldog says he told his artist to sack the SM militants when he was called back to take his managerial position after parting ways for years.

Bulldog revealed when he appeared on Nana Ama McBrown’s show aired on UTV that the SM Militants are very playful and lack hard work.

He added that Natty Lee, Joint 77, Captan, and Addi Self are much more focused on the money they would receive from shows and Wale compared to their work input.

He advised them to change.

On whether they would be welcomed back by Shatta Wale, Bulldog said as their slogan goes ‘4Lyf’ it is ‘4Lyf’ and that they are part of Shatta Wale forever.

Bulldog caused massive controversy after he said he would have beaten the SM Militants before sacking them if he was to be in Shatta Wale’s shoes.

Pope Skinny in other news, has dissed Shatta Wale.

He fired back at him in double fold.

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Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh