I took care of my girlfriend through school and now she has left me – Man cries

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man in pain

A man is crying over the attitude of ingratitude meted to him by his girlfriend.

According to him, he took care of the lady for 3 years, sent her to a Hair dressing school, built a container for her where she sells.

But now that she has graduated and making money of her own, she’s avoiding him.

Read below the message he sent to Celebrities Buzz:

“There is this girl I met three years….fall in love with her and decided to put her into trading.(hair dresser) Thank God she is now a graduate and is working to earn money.. I have also made a container for her which she is using as a part time work….she has now change in such a way that, when I call her she reject my calls and I don’t know what I did to her…… three days ago I met her with one guy coming out from a hotel but decided not interfere them…I ask her and the reply she gave me was ” I should have known better” meaning I was never her type and that she was only managing me….the most painful aspect is that in these three years I have decided to be truthful and loyal to her by respecting what their church says…..no sex before marriage and I have also waste alot of money on her… I need help….”

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