Businessman and Philanthropist, Oscar Yao Doe revealed in a short Facebook post that, he used his hard earned money to renovate Flagstaff house and sponsored the families of the president and his wife.

“2017 Before The Arrival Of Tony Blair To Ghana I Went To The Jubilee House With Many Vintage Wines Of Mine To Support His Visit! Guess What? I Noticed The Dining Room Was A Disaster So I Arranged For Top Class Company To Refurbished The Dining Room Including Putting New Curtains” Oscar Doe stated.

The Chairman of Eurostar Limousine Limited further added that, he extended the renovation to the entrance of the building and the Banquet Hall and paid fully from his own pocket not from money laundry.

He also stated that he has no regret for spending millions on the families of President Akufo-Addo and that of the first lady, Rebecca Akufo because it is the right thing to do.

According to him, “There Are A Lot More I Have Done I Don’t Want To Talk About It Publicly Because It’s Personal.”

Oscar Doe who use to be a friend to the first family has been bashing the president and his party in recent times. We have no idea what is motivating this public outburst by the businessman but it seems all things are not well.