American rapper, Meek Mill says growing up, he used to have a whole negative notion about things.

According to one of the world’s respected rappers, he thought having $100,000 in one’s account was enough. He added that he had the notion that going to jail makes one a hero.

Meek Mill

Well, the hardcore lyricist says he had to break such notion and also teach his hood boys the opposite of such thoughts.

“I show much as I can so the young bulls from our environment can shake that “crash course” mindframe get this money and want more than death and jail … I used to think a $100k was enough and going to jail was like earning respect … ima revamp that bullshit lol,” – Meek Mill said.

Meek was one of the few violent rappers when coming up. He dropped such a bad attitude after finding stardom to become an iconic world star.

Meek Mill’s net worth is estimated to be around $15 million currently.

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'I used to think a $100k was enough & going to jail was like earning respect' - Meek Mill