‘I won’t support LGBT but I won’t stop someone from their feeling” – Kelvynboy

Afrobeats Musician Kelvyn boy has added his to the LGBTI+ controversies, which has dominated the Ghanaian media for some weeks now.

Speaking in an exclusive interview on LTS with Doreen Avio, the “” hitmaker revealed that he is not in support on the legalization of the LGBTQI+ and that he cannot prevent from engaging in it.

“We grew being taught that it is bad, it is in the bible and I'm a Christian, so I think that it is bad. Is two things. I won't support that, but I wont stop someone from their feelings. That is left out to them”.he said

According to Kelvyn boy, he has no right to judge those who are part of the LGBTQI+

“Some people were born like that. Me I will not judge but I do not think we really focus on, people have their private lives, let's keep it private.”

Kelvyn Boy made these comments when asked by Doreen Avio on his opinion on the whole calls by the LGBTQI+ community asking for rights and equality.

There has been controversies surrounding this topic, which even made the President openly declare his stance where he said he would not accept it under his watch as a president.

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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