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I Worked In A Brothel To Survive In Russia – UK based Ghanaian Reveals

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England based Ghanaian trader, Maxell Mannesmann has disclosed that he had to work in a brothel and sell drugs to survive in Russia in the 80s after his scholarship was cancelled.

Speaking on SVTV Africa with DJ Nyaami, Maxell shared his story of how he had to sell drugs in Russia to survive after the government scholarship was cancelled abruptly.

According to him, they were asked by the late Rawlings who was president at the time to come back to Ghana but he could not afford a ticket. As a result, he had to sell drugs to survive.

“It was one of those government scholarships that got cancelled a year into the program. We got kicked out of school and most of the colleagues had the money to buy their tickets back home. Some of us didn’t have the money and had to struggle through,” he said.

He disclosed that due to this, he had to work in a brothel and sold drugs to survive. . “I didn’t fully know what the job was but they asked for people to work with and I joined. They gave me a two-bedroom flat. I’ve got a bicycle and I have to ride to different houses, collect the money, sign for it and move on,” he added.

Maxell indicated that after a year, he decided to migrate to Germany to continue his education. Since he was an illegal immigrant, he had to travel in the boot of trucks for about four months to get to his destination.

Kindly watch the full interview below;


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