Ibrah One shades Becca for going to ‘Cardi B Meet and Greet’ with her husband

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ibrah and becca

Ibrah One has been on a shading spree since yesterday after it emerged that Cardi B chose Kheebab over some Ghanaian celebrities who arranged themselves for a ‘Meet and Greet’ at Kempiski Hotel.

In a new post on Instagram story, Ibrah One has decided to shade Becca.

He didn’t mention her name but you don’t need rocket science to tell you that he’s referring to the ‘You Lied to Me’ hitmaker.

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Ibrah said that some people went to common Meet and Greet with their husband leaving their child at home.

He went on to say that even after that person was disrespected with a late turn-up from Cardi B, she still followed with ‘self put put’ to the club.

It’s obvious Ibrah was dragging Becca in the mud.

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‘Some slay queens are greedy. Common meet and greet and they sent their husband along leaving their child at home. You were even disrespected but you still followed Cardi to the club with self put put.”, he wrote.

See below:

ibrah and becca

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