A pastor is saying if a lady tells you that she will think about it when you propose to her, you must be smart to also think about her demands.

A senior Pastor is advising the new generation of men to be very smart. He said if any lady you proposed tells you that she will think about it, don’t be bothered.

He explained that when the same woman later asks you for a monetary favour, all you need to do is to also tell her that you will think about it.

Isn’t that simple?

During a sermon in the Church, the man of God said:

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“Some guys are sick. In the generation we are in now, you’ve got to be smart. If you tell somebody you want to marry her and she says she would have to think about it, when she asks you for money, tell her you too will think about it.”

Is this Man of God the leader of the “Stingy Men Association”.

Watch the video below:

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