‘If I don’t get along with someone, then it’s because of woman or my annoyance’ – Pappy Kojo

Pappy Kojo has confessed to the main why he out with his day ones since his early childhood.

According to Pappy Kojo, the main why he out with his day ones is because of either women or his annoyance.

He tweeted that he just noticed that as his flaws a while ago.

The Fante rap wrote in his tweet:

“Thru my journey of life I’ve realized if me then someone no Dey get along its either cos of woman or I’m just annoying , Oy3 Asem oh.”

That might have hinted on why he fell out with Joey B. It was rumoured that he fell out with Joey because of a woman he snatched from him.

He needs to fix himself before it becomes too late for him to do so.

See The Screenshot Below:

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

Source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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