A young zealous Christian, @etubom_ has revealed that his new job opportunity is offering to pay him far more than where he is presently but until he hears the voice of God, he won’t take the new job up despite the high wages that come with it.

Read his full statement below as posted on his Twitter handle:

See, if I’m offered a job that’ll pay me N500,000 (GHS7,403) and I’m on N50,000 (GHS740) currently, if I don’t hear a word from God, ain’t moving an inch. If His presence doesn’t go, I ain’t going no where.

The blessing of the LORD makes rich and add no sorrow. I laugh when people think it’s about the money and not God’s instructions? Our Christian lives needs reawakening If only people study their Bible.

I Samuel 30:8. Even David enquired of the Lord for something that was right if He did it. The Amalekites raided His town and took His wives. Remember when David came back from war and the Amalekites had invaded His city? David still enquire from the Lord.

He was right to have pursued them but, He still sought God’s permission.

By God’s grace, I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t serve money, money has to serve ME because JESUS CHRIST called me Brethren.

I belong to His tribe. I’ve gone for a job interview, as soon as I sat down, 2hrs later, I heard it clearly, return back to Uyo. I didn’t argue, I left. I didn’t regret it. I knew it was the Holy Spirit. “


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