This is the caption of a video shared by a Twitter user (@tiana_diora) that shows a guy slapping and battering his girlfriend with no mercy.

Been in a horrible relationship is something no woman or man must endure for a second. However, it appears that quietly, most women are being abused by their so-called boyfriends every day.

In this video, the guy sat opposite to the lady and within a microsecond after the lady whispered a word to him, stood up and began physically abusing the lady mercilessly.

Firstly, he gave her five slaps and when he wasn’t satisfied, decided to take off his belt, which he used to give the already crying lady several strokes.

Many have fumed at the video and have expressed disdain at it. But on a more serious note, this is the kind of situation most ladies are enduring.

Even those married are not spared. Never spend a second with an abusing partner. And if you are a man who takes delight in beating women, count yourself less of a human…you are a coward.

Watch Video Below: