Prissy Miller says if you are her boyfriend, you must feed her and failure to do that, you must learn to masturbate.

What she is trying to say is that, no money, no sex… you must masturbate.

“If you are my boyfriend and you can’t feed me,you must learn how to masturbate”

Read her advice to her fellow young lads below…

“You’re turning 20 years old … That’s 2 decades , 20% of a century and 240 months… To me , that’s enough time to play… It’s time to get serious now , forget relationship goals , think success goals , forget Men and think Money , Forget women and think Work , forget TV and think Bank account , it’s getting real now.

The next five years can determine the wellness of the rest of your life… Focus ! And when sh*t hits the fan , when day ones hit you with the deuce , Forget them , you’ll make new friends… Dust yourself off and give it another try… The future… Is here !!”

I hope you hear that?