When your partner makes a mistake, you run to tell everyone. But when he is being sweet, you tell nobody. When she does good, you say nothing

Many of you present your partner as a useless nonentity then you wonder why your family/friends view them like worthless trash. Clown

You see the whole picture and you know the whole person- but everyone else doesn’t. They only see what you say about them.

So if all you say about your partner to people is their mistakes and misdeeds, then don’t act surprised when they see your partner as a useless miscreant.

Every little thing, you run to your little WhatsApp group of friends to downgrade your partner- just know you are doing yourself (except you plan to leave that person)

Because when everybody logs out, the topic may be over, but the nasty impression you created would last longer.

Every little issue, you table your partner at the family chat for your family wolves to tear him/her apart- you are doing yourself.

Because those evil aunties/uncles will NOT forget all you said. And one day they will remind you in a way that will hurt you. Just remember that.

Anyway, the bottom line is simple:
If anything is happening between you and your partner, try your best to resolve it within yourselves as much as you can.

Try not to involve third parties except the issues are beyond you, and even then let it be a trusted person. Not a crowd.

If you disrespect your partner in front of others, they will help you disrespect him as well.

The way you speak about your partner when he/she isn’t around matters.


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