okese1 and medikal

Amotia Gang CEO, has addressed the public on the record label he belongs to and how people should see him.

When he started making waves, we saw him with so a lot of people concluded that he’s a member of AMG Business.

Contrary to the popular opinion held by many, Okese1 has come out to say he’s not under anybody and that he has his own movement called, Amotia gang.

“If you see me with any rapper, it’s not that I am their small boy, I am my own chairman. I am not part of AMG. I am affiliated to them and we’re cool but I am not under them”, he said.

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“The people that you see me with and you think they’re helping me, I am rather the person helping them. But it’s just that people are ungrateful so I have separated myself from them so that I can do my own thing”, he added.

Watch the video below:

Okese1 didn’t mention anyone’s name but his descriptions and choice of words indicate that he’s referring to no other person than Medikal.

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