has listed the three things that a woman must have if she wants to have a successful marriage.

Member of Parliament for the Assin Central Hon. believes visiting pastors for a successful marriage is a thing of the past.

He warned women against always running to pastors for help, particularly with issues having to do with their marriage, adding that some of the pastors might end up sleeping with them, further complicating their lives.

If you want a good marriage, you the woman must be good with sex, be a good cook and show respect to your husband, simple.


“You don’t need to go to these fake pastors all because you need a marriage or want to salvage your marriage. They will use and dump you. If you follow these simple steps, you will get the right man to marry you.” he told Accra based Net 2 TV.

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That is a real true message for women who have turned pastors into their God.

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